FM Radio Not Working

The FM dial is not locking in on radio station. The AM dial and CD player works fine. If I do a scan the radio tries to fine a station but just runs through the entire dial. Someone told me there is a secret menu setting and that my some how got set to Asia instead of North American. Do anyone know if this is true and more importantly how to reset the radio? I can’t listen to car talk now!

I am suprised the problem is FM as this is a sympton seen on AM channels when there is an antenna issue. Isn’t CarTalk a AM radio show? (I guess you can tell I never listened to it).

Cartalk is carried in Atlanta on public radio on the FM band.

I seriously doubt a European car would have a secret setting for Asian radio stations. It is more likely there is a problem with the antenna connection. Of course, if the age of the car is more than 7 years, it could also be a radio gone bad. It’s been known to happen.

I think there is a problem with the FM tuner section. It could be the local oscillator has failed or something in the RF front end of the tuner. You can find used radios on Ebay for your model car or you may want to replace it with a new unit. If you go with a new radio be sure to purchase an adapter harness to match the original radio plug to the new radio wire connections.

Thanks for the note - I really appreciate your words of wisdom.

Ha - I tried to find it on the AM dial - I am sure it is there some where. One time driving through the Alps in Austria I got Car Talk on the radio and now I can’t even get here in the States. Ugh - it looks like time for a new radio. Thanks for you help.