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One side hot, the other not--brakes?

Out in TR7 today, noticed sthg odd. Felt hub caps, noticed a lot of heat coming off the driver’s side front wheel–lug nuts very hot. On the pass. side front, warm but not so hot. On the rears, cold.

Why? One thought I have. Noticed, looking at path worn by pads on disks that left (hot) had bigger path worn than on the right (warm). ?



You probably have a sticking caliper. This may be a good excuse to do a full brake job, including the replacement of both front calipers. (If one’s bad, the other may be soon to follow.)
Alternate possibilities:
Collapsing brake hose(s).
Bad master cylinder.
Bad vacuum booster.
Bad brake pedal linkage adjustment.
Bad wheel bearing.

Tardis has summed it up very well.
I will only add that, in addition to whatever repairs to your brake hydraulic system that might be necessary, you should also have the brake fluid changed. That excess heat has probably cooked the old fluid by now!

Does the car pull one way during driving, then pull the other way when stepping on the brakes? That would be a classic sign of a stuck caliper.

Thanks for the help guys. I’ll get it looked at.

You can have a left brake sticking on ( bad caliper,rusty or grooved slides or collapsed hose )or a right brake not coming on fully (bad caliper,or plugged hose). However you indicate that the left pad has worn a wider area of the rotor than the right,this alone could be the reason for the increased braking power and heat from the left. Do a complete brake job and check for a slow release from the left side.

Check the brake hoses also. Tell the mechanic to apply brakes then loosen off line at the calipre. If the sticking side then turns easier the hose has a retriction.

Very good, very good! I think we might have it!
Many thanks,