Lug nuts hot both front wheels

98 Camry, 179,000 miles. My car started pulling to the right and is consistently getting worse. I changed the tire, same problem. Pulled the tire to troubleshoot and realized the lug nuts were overheated. Thought it may be a caliper dragging. But then realized the lugs on the other side were overheated as well. Was thinking master cylinder or brake booster faulty. If the back brakes are not functioning properly, can that cause the front two to overheat if they are doing all the work to stop the car? I really could use any suggestions or ideas. I have never had both sides overheat. I have replaced calipers and seen them cause one side to overheat, but never both. I can’t figure out what is causing the pulling and the overheating.

If the back brakes aren’t functioning properly, you’re asking the front brakes to perform all the stopping.

Which will cause the front brakes to over-heat.

Find out why the rear brakes aren’t functioning properly.


I was thinking that myself. Will look into that. Still won’t explain why it’s pulling to the right all of the sudden though…thanks!


When you ask the front brakes to do all the stopping and they get hot, who knows what’s being effected?


Raise each wheel with a jack one by one and spin by hand. Do they all spin freely, or do some of the wheels feel like the brakes are on, dragging?


Similar situation with my beater 99 Corolla last year. I replaced the driver side caliper and soon after the passenger one got seized. I guess it was age related (19 years). I bought remanufactured caliper for $40 each,replace my worned rotors and brake pads and all is good now.

Is there a LOT of brake dust? If so, frozen caliper is my guess. If not, wheel bearings maybe since it is a 98. Something a mechanic might diagnose quickly.

Not a lot of brake dust. No excessive play in the wheel when moved back and forth by hand. So i don’t think it’s the bearing. I don’t see/feel any excessive dragging when on a jack and wheel is rotated. Thanks for the ideas everyone!

You might have a sticking caliper or a bad bearing, but keep in mind that much at of the braking is supposed to happen in the front, so I wouldn’t read too much into the hot lug nuts and bolts.

Check the bearings and brakes all around, and stop trying to rely on symptoms for your diagnosis. If the parts might be bad, check them (or get them checked by a professional).

Excessive play is not the only way a bearing can fail

It can be rough when turning, without any excessive play

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