Back Light/ Brake Light problem

I’ve got a problem with the back light of my 1993 Honda Accord. About a month ago I replaced the burnt out bulb on my back light/ brake light… and, now, it’s not working again. It worked fine for a few weeks and, while the bulb still seems like it’s in tact… the light just isn’t going on.

We put a new bulb in to see if that would make a difference and it hasn’t.

Any suggestions as to what the problem may be here?

Could it be the socket or a wiring issue?

“Back light?”

Is that the red tail light, which marks the rear of the vehicle, or is it the white light that comes on when you shift into reverse?

Or is it the brake light?

Is this problem on one side of the car, or does it affect both sides?

Please be more specific.

It’s the red tail light and brake light. Same bulb it’s a double filament bulb. Just on the passenger side.