Indy racer speeding in Baltimore

Will Power was clocked at 155 MPH on Pratt Street in downtown Baltimore. Can you believe that?

I was just in Baltimore last month, stayed at a hotel on Pratt St. near the Inner Harbor. I was impressed on how all the attractions are within walking distance of each other. Camden Yards, the aquarium, the football stadium and every manner of restaurant are all within a couple blocks of each other. Couldn’t make it back for the Indycar race though.

As close as I am, I didn’t make it this year, either. I did catch the start and last 20 laps on TV though. I should go next year, though. Based on attendance and the enthusiasm of the racers, it could go on for a long time. I’m anxious to hear what Robin Miller has to say on Wind Tunnel tonight. He’s always good for a straight-up opinion without politics.

And there were more races this weekend. Yesterday ALMS raced the same course, and at about noon, Indy Lights raced as well. Everyone got their money’s worth.

I wonder if he was more cooperative to the cop than he was to the officials at this year’s Indy 500…

What was his punishment for speeding?

@the same mountainbike

He was going 155 MPH on the street circuit for last week’s Baltimore Grand Prix. There were 27 other drivers reaching similar speeds as well. No arrests were made :slight_smile:

Sound like I’ve been “had”! Nice one.

I thought no one would bite after FoDaddy astutely caught on immediately. I thought about saying he was “caught” speeding in the title, but figured that was too misleading. Anyway, total attendance was over 100,000 for all 3 days. Both Indy Racing and American Le Mans Series were thrilled and look forward to returning. Robin Miller was not on Wind Tunnel, even for Last Call. But Despain had a great interview with Will Power.

I don’t get out much.

You got me, jt. I was gullible enough.

In an inverse off topic scenario, at the 1965 USGP in Watkins Glen, NY, there were so many attendees (around 50,000; officials expected 15,000), that when qualifying finished Saturday, hot rodders managed to GET OUT ON THE TRACK, flying in BOTH directions. I saw a guy on a motorcycle T-bone a Mini Cooper; his body went sailing over the car & landed on the track. Ambulances showed up very quickly. Never knew what happened to the guy.

hey, if Michael Schumacher can speed on the public streets, why can’t racegoers drive on racetracks?

Tongue & cheek.

You can drive on a race track. Just show up on a day set aside for us civilians, pay the fee, and have at it. You will probably have to show that your car’s suspension is properly aligned before they let you onto the track, though.