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On-line Service Manual

Recommendations for the best on-line service/repair(manual) sites? IS accurate/reliable?

I don’t use the service but there seems to be more pros than cons on several googles searches I did. Friends of mine say it’s worth it for the price.

I find alldata useful when I need it. I just buy a year subscription for a car when I come up needing an electrical diagram or a component location. Alldata is a lot better than Haynes for this sort of thing. The parts prices and labor flat hours are also useful in deciding whether or not to do something myself.

ALLDATA is far superior to Haynes or Chiltons (the latter is near worthless) but ALLDATA is not 100% complete or accurate; especially when it comes to electrical matters.

I have found a number of mistakes and when the last one caused me a lot of grief I decided to cancel my subscription. The mistake was one thing; ALLDATA continuing to tell me the problem was that “someone must have changed the wiring” and they (ALLDATA) were correct is yet another.

In this particular instance I had a Haynes manual for this car also. There was a glaring error and a print problem on the wiring schematic page. A look at ALLDATA showed the exact same page; print error and all. So obviously they’re doing nothing more than scanning pages out of whatever they can get their hands on.

(For what it’s worth I’ve got some Helm manuals, which are published as the official wiring books for Ford dealers and I’ve found errors in there too. Helm’s answer is comparable to ALLDATA’s.)

Bottom line is they’re very helpful but never put all of your trust into the info provided.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.