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AllData for Pros only?

Recently recieved some AllData info.Cost is $150.00 mth. I would really like to get comfortable with this software.No training from my Community College automotive program.Any way to justify the cost? It will be “handy” when I return to work in 2 years,but not required.Any of you guys have it for home use?

There’a also the DIY version of ALLDATA.


So, out of curiosity, is the information in that service any better than a regular service manual? I can see the appeal for professionals who deal with a wide range of different cars, but I don’t see why you would you pay 27 bucks for what you can get in a 15 dollar service manual plus the TSB’s and recalls you can look up easily on the internet.

Well? First off, I would never trust the wiring diagrams you get in a Chilton’s or Hayne’s manual. They’re totally inaccurate and omit components in a circuit. Got burned too many times on that one. Also, if a Check Engine light comes on, and once the codes are pulled, the ALLDATA will provide flow charts for things to check that can cause the code. See if any manuals provide that information.

As far as TSB’s on the internet, all they give is a brief description of the TSB. But don’t go into detail on what the fix is.

So all my Chilton’s and Hayne’s manuals now sit next to the toilet. And they’re not there for reading.


I have the full blown version .

and hate it.

very inaccurate (when looked at compared to a factory ,revised version)alldata gets the old stuff,with no revisions)

so you choose.

chilton and haynes

garbage goes out tues.6:00am

What type of car? Bentley manuals are quite exhaustive for VW/Audi products and run around $80 for either the paper or CD versions (I prefer paper most of the time). I see they also cover some other makes now as well:

I paid for an AllDataDIY subscription once, specifically to ask a wiring question regarding a 1993 Geo Metro. Their expert response was, “I don’t know.”

I demanded a refund, and they gave it to me.

JMHO, but there is absolutely nothing better than the factory paper and ink manuals. A close second would be the detailed, hard cover manuals such as MOTOR books, etc.

I just about totally agree with Tester on Chiltons and Haynes manuals; especially Chiltons. The Haynes are a shade bit better than Chiltons but that’s like being kicked in one shin instead of both.

After trying all of the ALLDATA plans I don’t feel the cost is justified. I’ve run across numerous errors, including wiring schematics, and when I posed a question to ALLDATA one time about what was obviously a very glaring error in a schematic I was told that “someone may have altered the wiring”. This was not the case at all and they had no answer when I asked them to provide the correct diagram.

This led to my cancelling and buying a Haynes manual. In one of those freak things that occur now and then the Haynes schematic actually matched (in most areas anyway!) and I got the problems worked out.

So all my Chilton’s and Hayne’s manuals now sit next to the toilet. And they’re not there for reading.


OUCH!!! You’re a better man than me…LOL


Alldata is very good. Mitchell on Demand is also good. For the novice DIY, Haynes and Chilton are likely a great deal of help. And sure, factory shop manuals are best but they are expensive and there are far too many for an independant to afford to buy or keep up with. And there are mistakes in the factory manuals, also. It seems nearly impossible for an independant shop to operate without Alldata or MOD.

How long did it take you to learn how to use ALLDATA efficiently? Is the program hard to navigate? Like I said I do have some info and a DVD promoting ALLDATA but I am on the fence due to learning curve and price. Thanks,It would be optimal if my Community College Automotine Program included ALLDATA instruction in their Automotive AA Degree program but not currently offered.

I first bought Alldata when it was offered on MSDOS only. It was not difficult to learn. Of course, it has kept up with technology and moved to Windows and DVD. For a time I used both MOD and Alldata. Each has its pros and cons but even an old dog like me was able to quickly master both. And, BTW, it was Alldata which brought me into the computer world, the www, and the original forum Tom and Ray had. It was very entertaining. Where are Fastjeff, Slanter, Impala, etc.?

If you can navigate the internet, you can navigate AllDataDIY. Alldata is inexpensive, and I have found it to be very helpful. I need all the help I can get, so I have AlldataDIY, a Haynes Manual, and a Factory Service manual for each of my five cars. I use all these sources actively.