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On a GMC pickup how much oil would you add if it was at the halfway mark on the dipstick?

Curious to know how much oil would you add if the dipstick measurement was at half?

Sorry if this question has been asked before but I did a search and didn’t find an anwer.

1/2 a quart

Since it’s easier to put it in than take it out and I conclude you want the stick to read perfect,you will have to put oil in,let it settle then keep checking.

Your asking how much oil if the level isn’t even touching the bottom of the lowest OK level,1/2 quart is just a start,I am confident if you added 1/2 quart you would not be overfilled,but you may have to add more.

Most dipsticks measure about a quart between the full and low marks, so I’d add half a quart.

Thanks for info and the quick replies. I’ll do this before I head on a quick trip for business. Only 120 miles round trip but I’d like to take care of this regardless.

I would add none unless it was a known oil burner.

If I was to add oil, I’d just add enough to bring it up to the full mark. With such little information to go on, how can anyone reliably say how much to add? Across all the years GMC made pickups, there are dozens of engines to consider. Some with 5 quart pans, some more, some less.

Out of all the gas engine vehicles I’ve serviced over the past thirtyfive years, the low and full marks equals one quart. It didn’t matter if it was a 4,5,or 6 quart system.