Oil change and dipstick levels

After changing the oil on a 20000 Honda Accord 4cyl, with 4.5 qts, why does the dip stick still show the level at about less than 1/4 full. Should I add a bit more oil or is there a problem with the dip stick insertion “tube”? Thanks

Maybe because “with filter” it holds 5 quarts…Or 5 Liters…

Just follow the dipstick, no need to try and correct it.

is your 1/4 full a measure of the dipstick? the “between full and empty” marks show a quart of oil. have you discerned/ deciphered this correctly?

Cappy makes a good point.
If the crankcase is actually “less than 1/4 full”, no oil would be showing on the dipstick.

Does the OP mean to tell us that the dipstick shows the oil level to be 1/4 of the way between the “Add” mark and the “Full” mark? If that is the case, then the crankcase is not “less than 1/4 full”, but is low by a fraction of a qt. If that is the case, then the OP should slowly add about 1/2 qt of oil, let the car sit for a few minutes, and check the level again, so as to not overfill it. If it is still slightly low, then add another bit of oil, let it sit again for a few minutes, and check the level again. This should restore the level to the “Full” mark.

Incidentally, emohabir, if this is the same 2000 Honda that you believed (incorrectly) to have a non-interference engine, I hope that you are about to take the car to your mechanic for the very necessary and overdue timing belt change. If not, then you don’t need to be too fussy about the exact level of oil in the crankcase.

Have you checked you parking surface with a 4’ level?

Have you checked you parking surface with a 4’ level?

I think that might be overkill. Just something close to level should be fine.

All you really need do is keep that oil between full and empty (over may be worse than under) I consider full to half way to low just fine and don’t bother topping it up.

Yes, I am sure I discerned it meticulously. It is really a baffling situation. I called a Honda service area tech who told me that the reason may be that the oil is not too dark as yet. Was he joking or what?

Yes sir as level as can be and thanks for the info.

Thanks for the info. I wanted to verify that bit of info on non interference engine, thus the reason for submitting that question. Thanks for your suggestion re timing belt also, I think it is a good one.

No, fresh oil is difficult to see. If the stick looks wet, then it’s there.

Thanks for your answer.

A dumb question, but “Have you pushed the dipstick all the way down?”

it holds 5 quart if its 2.3 l engine,i had been doing oil change’s for 99,00,01,02 honda accord ex,se,dx with 2.3l engine.check level about 15" after oil change or before starting
engine in a.m.i hope it helps.