Oldsmobile Intrigue with engine tap and sluggish running symptons

I have a 99 Olds Intrigue. Is recently having a few issues. It has 105,000 miles on it. Recently has been having a tapping noise in the morning and then somewhat clears up after about 5 min of running it. It is sluggish and sounds weird too like lacking power. To go along with this the Service Engine light recently came on and I stopped and had codes run. It is a PO440 code from what I was told. Also the temp on the radiator is ruinning hot at times and seems to be using or loosing fluid? I do not see drips and do not see weird color in the exhaust though?

Itesm I wonder about are radiator flush and service? Fuel Filter? Emmisions sensors like the O2 Sensor? Injectors? The car has been with us since about 25,000 miles with NO real work done to it besdies oil changes and brakes. Should have done radiator service by now but have not. Suggestions on the noise and rough running at times?

And you’ve been saving the repair of all of these problems as a Christmas present for your car?! How thoughtful! You’re lucky that the engine has a timing chain. A timing belt would be due change. The code P0440 is for a problem in the gas tank evaporative control system. For that, replace the gas cap. When you put it on, smear the seal with silicone grease (to help it seal). The engine coolant temperature/lose is the most serious, I think. Fill the radiator. Fill the overflow bottle to the mark. Replace the radiator cap. Monitor the temperature and coolant level for a few days. If the temperature runs hot at some times, and / or it loses coolant, have the coolant system repaired. Change the fuel filter, air filter, and the pcv valve. You need to catch up on the routine maintenance, such as the whole maintenance schedule in the Owner’s Handbook; otherwise…otherwise…bad things can happen. These little Christmas presents, may be all it needs, for now…you can hope.

I agree to a point. What about the tapping in the engine I hear and the sluggish running. I will be doing the main simple items this weekend. Is there areas i should note on this vehicle for routine trouble spots at this age?

Do the standard maintenance items first. Those symptoms may be gone when you are done.

OK We will see I guess.

Change the motor oil (and filter) to a quality oil. It should, probably, be a 10W-30. Definitely, not a 10W40). This type of tapping is a result of a hydraulic valve which hasn’t pumped up, yet. See what happens after you do the oil change. Sometimes, it starts to pump up, after fresh oil.