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Olds tired

i have a 1992 ols cuttless ciera 6 cyl.this car just all of a sudden started shuttering and not wanting to take will if i floor it but will still shutter a little?

Waht is the last time and mileage a basic tune up was done, air filter, gas filter spark plugs>

This is Old Reliable again, right? Let us know how long ago your car received attention at the shop, and what was done to it.

Sounds like you have a serious miss in the engine. Hmmm try the ol pull a plug wire n start it up. one at a time until you find the cylinder. then

investigate further

ahh shut the car off b4 u pull a wire.
pull one n start car back up

Why did you make a whole new post for this?

This could be many things and these are the problems that can be the hardest to run down. Is your check engine light on or does it come on at different times? If so you can take it to autozone or a mechanic and have your codes read. It could be a ignition, fuel, or sensor problem.

Being a 1992, most Autozone employees probably won’t know how to read your codes. With a little research, you can learn to do it yourself with a paper clip, though.

Correct - They usually will give you a jumper and have a code sheet to tell you what the blinking codes means

Correct - They usually will give you a jumper and have a code sheet to tell you what the blinking codes means

Not where I live they won’t. The first thing they ask is the vehicle’s year, and if its pre-1996 they say that can’t do anything.

Of course, why drive to an auto parts store to get info you can find online? Poof:

cigroller: that’s the way they are where I live as well. I had to convince them on one occasion that their code reader would actually work on my 1995 Ford Windstar. They insisted that it wouldn’t, even though I told them it was OBD2. They pretty much said, “really???” and went out there in disbelief to look at the DLC. Some of the better parts guys can tell you how to retrieve OBD1 codes but the management won’t want to deal with the liability of jumping wires under somebody’s dash. On the other hand, it’s hard to screw up somebody’s car with a universal code reader.