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Old reliable

i have 1992 v6 olds cutlass ciera. it likes to spit and sputter sometimes. no matter if it’s hot or cold, up a hill or on flat, slow or stop?


Yea, I do that too - but of course I’m also older than “old reliable”

I’ll guess you want some help about this in which case you need to be much more descriptive about:
1) what is going on in with how the car runs. Use some full sentences and help people get a very clear idea of what is happening and under what conditions
2) what the car is like in terms of basic maintenance. Nine times out of 10 “spit and sputter” is just from old spark plugs, wires, fuel filters etc.

So keep in mind that all you have is a bunch of strangers who can’t see or drive the car and don’t know a thing about its history or condition. Otherwise, no on can say very much.

How many miles?
Any other synptoms?
Do you know anything about the vehicle’s history?
When was the last time you did a “tuneup, including filters”?
Had any work done lately?
How many miles do you use it each week?
Has the maintenance been kept up to date? Do you know?

Give us something to work with and we’ll be happy to try to help.