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Older model Dodge Caravan with a manual transmission

I would like to find an older Dodge Caravan with a manual transmission. Ideally I would like to find one in really good shape with mileage below 150,000.

They stopped making these in 1994 but I have had a 1993 model that has been great but is finally wearing out at 262,000 miles.

Is there a question you’d like to ask?

If I remember correctly, the vehicle you’re fetishizing wasn’t made to last 24 years, so I wish you luck.

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I thought I would post to see if anyone might possibly know of an old car like this for sale. I know it is a long shot.

I did find one in Colorado but it is a car bought at an auction with no information about the history of the car,

I think you need to look at a much newer van than 1994

Anything that old might be rusted out, neglected, and on its last legs. In fact, it might be a total waste of money, if it won’t even pass a safety inspection

Not to mention newer cars are MUCH safer than anything built in 1994

The holy grail of Dodge Caravans are the 1989-1990 2.5L Turbo models with the manual. They didn’t sell many obviously (the combo was around for two years), but today they are considered sort of fringe collectibles. Most of the good ones have already been scooped up, and the one’s you do find still in reasonable condition are going to be priced higher than you’d think a 20+ year old minivan should cost. I don’t think I’ve seen a manual Chrysler minivan myself in a decade or more.

They were rare when new, unreliable, so they’ll be VERY difficult to find. And would make a bad choice for actual minivan use, IMHO.

The fact that you (with great care, I bet) got lots of miles with yours doesn’t mean others like it are out there at reasonable price. Most will have seen multiple owners and less-than-perfect maintenance.