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Recommendations for cars that you could comfortably sleep in and have lots of room for moving things

I need to find a new car because my old Dodge Caravan with manual transmission is finally worn out.

I loved that Caravan because without the rear seats I could sleep in my van and haul almost anything.

Now I do not know what type of car to get that would have that kind of space, I want an older model car maybe late 90’s or early 2000’s.

I would also like a car is easy and inexpensive to repair. The newer cars sound like they are very expensive to repair.

Any suggestions?

I have been thinking about a Honda Odyssey but I hear their transmissions go out and the models between 2005 and 2010 have the PAX tire system which is horrible.

No 17+ year old car is going to be inexpensive to repair because you’re likely to have to repair it a lot.

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Another minivan.

The generation of Chrysler minivans that began in 2003(?) and ended in 2007 did not have the fatal strut tower rust problem of earlier ones, and their headlights are far better. 2007 was also the last year of the short wheel base. My wife and I have been very happy with our 1999 Voyager and that we were able to find a 2007 when the old one got too rusty.

The very early Chrysler minivans had lots of transmission issues, and the 3.0 L Mitsubishi engine in some was a notorious oil burner and leaker. But engine and trans problems are a thing of distant past for these vans.