Old Toyota

1991 Toyota Paseo. 150K. I am 5th owner.

Love the little 4 cyl. car. O.K. for two weeks. Great mileage. Then stalled after driving 30 miles. Continues to stall after being driven for @ 30 min. Mechanic had it for 2 weeks. Already had new distributor, new fuel pump.etc. Suspect carbon buildup somewhere as as it warms up fuel or electic problem? I can restart in 1-2 hours. Ideas? Thanks.

You need a new mechanic. One who will test components to see what’s working and what’s not. It sounds like someone is throwing parts at this car, hoping something will work.

Carbon buildup?

Ditto to what McP said.

Carbon build does not create these symptoms. Carbon buildup causes primarily preignition. Carbon retains heat, and can create hot spots in cylinders.

I’d suspect a leaking fuel injector or a bad computer.

Thanks guys! I like problem with computer best. Can’t test this old thing, but I might find a replacement computer. I appreciate the thoughts. It ain’t over till it’s over. R.F.

If you have an igniter under the coil; that thing has been known to quit too. They were expensive. They were over $300 sometimes. Hope you don’t have one.