Stalling Toyota Camry

My 1994 camry likes to stall out at stop lights. It does it randomly. I took it to the Toyota dealership and they told me to get a new distributor, new spark plugs and new spark plug wires and clean the throttle which I had my mechanic do. It is still doing it…My mechanic is stumped. Maybe you guys can help me.

Also when it stalls, it will turn over but not start for about 30 min. and then it will start and I drive it a little ways and then it does it again. HELP!!

My Celica did that and it turned out to be the igniter ; a small spark (booster?) which costs 5 times what you think it should. Maybe a junk…ooops… wrecking yard ? By the way, when did the word “problem” disappear ? It always seemed to me that objects were the cause of problems, and people and organizations had “issues”. Maybe it’s a white collar/ blue collar issue…Mike

Before you spend any more you need to find out if it is no spark or no fuel problem when it dies and will not start back.
Can you borrow a timing light from anyone? When it dies all you would have to do is clip 2 wires to hot and neg battery,clip 1 more to plug wire then turn motor over and if it flashes you then know it is not getting fuel.
There are other ways,ask repair guy or friends but you need to find out which it is,fuel or spark.