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Old Timer's Dazzling '59 Cadillac Custom Wins At Detroit's Meguiar's Autorama

Cadmad is a restored pink 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Pininfarina custom station wagon.

I know of at least one of our regulars here that would probably like to drive this around town. :grin:

It’s a beautiful car, but I’m disappointed that they did this to a rare, hand built original. If it was in bad shape to begin with that’s one thing, but if the car was in reasonable condition beforehand, it would be sad indeed.


Confused me at first, thought they misidentified the year. Then I saw it was a Pininfarina. It’s okay, but not thrilled, proportions seem ‘off’ in the pictures.

Shortened 18", body sectioned 2" and narrowed enough to get the Nomad roof to fit.

Pininfarina Is owned by Mahindra now.

Might that be me? I’d take an unmolested '59 any day, but not this Frankencar.

If that is the first place choice , I don’t even want to see second or third place.

Here’s what an original looks like, sold for $82k:

If they started with a basket case, it could easily cost more than $82k to have restored it.

Hagerty’s article said it took 15yrs and 2.3 million to build., 4 Door sedan into a 2dr station wagon so lots of work went into this.

Hemmings shows the other finalists but only one photo of each. *

Agreed. I can’t find any info on what condition it was in before they started the project, which makes me suspect it was very good or better.

It’s kinda like that old episode of Monster Garage where they destroyed 3 original Deloreans to build a hovercraft. Non car people thought that was awesome. The rest of us just got mad.

Even shortened that beast won’t fit in my garage.

Maybe that’s why they named it Cadmad.

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Well, it would be one thing to take a rare original car and do a hack job of restoring or modifying it. It used to be 1 of 99, now it’s 1 of 1 and a masterpiece of workmanship to boot. I have no issue with that. Of course, I have many years experience taking abuse from rabid Corvette enthusiasts (some of which do not even own one) barking about any deviations from factory original.

Well if you’d just be a little more… Restrained in your approach to modifying your car…



I thought this was TwinTurbo’s


I think TwinTurbo owes us a pic.


Man, those are some sweet rides. I wish mine looked that good :wink:

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Well, we don’t know about that. We haven’t seen a pic of Yours so who are we to judge. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Check out my hog-



Talk about a tire’s ‘footprint’…


That’s a unique way to beat feet.

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