Old spark plugs

My mom was cleaning out some of my dad’s old stuff. He passed away in 99, anyway she gave me 2 boxes of brand new spark plugs. Thay are real old and in the orig. boxes. Wright spark plug sise 7/8 18. W hat do thay fit and where can i find someone who could use them. I have about 150 of them . Thanks Richie.

Did your Dad work in an aircraft plant during WW II, or was he an airplane mechanic, by any chance?

The reason for my question is the brand, Wright.
My best guess is that these plugs fit an aircraft engine such as the Wright Cyclone.

The various models of the radial Wright Cyclone engine came in 9, 14, and 18 cylinder designs, so a maintenance shop did need to keep a bunch of plugs on hand for the many types of military aircraft that used Cyclone engines.

I would suggest contacting a vintage aircraft museum to see if they can tell you who might be in need of these plugs. They might bring a handsome price if offered to the right (no pun intended) party.

One reference I was able to find to “Wright spark plugs” was for cars, from 1913! Do these look like normal plugs, or are they very unusual? There are a number of folks who collect spark plugs, these might (emphasis on might) be collectable. Here’s a link to the “Spark Plug Collectors of America”:

There was one old auction on ebay for Wright spark plugs. The guy had 2 new available from 1958, asking price 44.95, unsold. Try an ebay auction, maybe even under aircraft parts. You can do the price for 1 and say 12 available.

Post a picture of one if you can…


Completed auction http://cgi.ebay.com/1958-Wright-Cyclone-R3350-DC7-Spark-plugs-SH2N-Autolite-/350343844763?cmd=ViewItem&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item51921ed39b

I’ll be going to the EAA in Oshkosh soon, I can ask around if you wish

Hmmm…If the OP’s plugs are really worth $45 each, as the ones above seem to have sold for, he is sitting on a nice little chunk of change, perhaps something close to $7k.

Post a picture of yours!