Old snow tires

I have a set of 14" Blizzaks, with quite a bit of tread still on them, that have been sitting in my cellar since the winter of 2002-03.

I am wondering if they are still safe to use since I thought I read that “old” tires could be a hazard, due to the rubber disintegrating.


You still are in the zone of safe given they are only 6 years old. Have a Bridgestone dealer check them out. If stored properly they will be fine.

I wouldn’t worry about them until they’re 10 years old, given the storage. But do have them checked.

The only point I would add is that without checking the date code on the sidewall you have no idea how old they were when you bought them. A Sampling that was just completed by one of those consumer reporters (yeah, I know, but it look legit even of sensationalistic) showed many tires to be over five years old just sitting on the tire racks.

I might personally use them after a careful inspection for cracking, but if I saw any at all I’d be inclined to replace them. It’s only a few hundred bucks and it really is a safety concern.

I will only add that stored in the basement, they are likely to be in better condition than most storage areas as the temperature and ozone should be lower than the usual storage places or on a car. I would use them.