Tire Maintenance

I have two cars that have been in dry dark storage for 2 years. I have turned them occasionally. What concerns should I have regarding “dry rot” etc.? I plan to move the cars to my new residence in an adjacent state. Should the tires be replaced before a 400 mile trip?

Ozone is the problem and sunlight tends to produce it. Two years in the dark should not normally cause a problem. What is the date of manufacturer? It likely is on the tyre.

From your message I would suggest you don’t have a problem. Do check to see if you see any checking on the sidewalls or if the cracks in the tread/sidewall.

It depends on the age of the tires How old were they when they went into storage? Are there visible signs of dry rot, cracking, extremely rough dried out surface? Have they held air over the 2 years? How much tread?

I’m presently in the new state and am unable to see the tires until I return to the vehicles next week. I bought these cars new in mid-2005; each vehicle has approximately 20,000 miles. There was no cracking when I saw them last, 6 weeks ago. I was concerned that they could be in a delicate / unstable state without me knowing it; hence I imagined that I would need to trailer them instead of driving them (or replace them entirely before travel).

They were probably 2-2 1/2 years old when stored; I believe there are no visible signs of damage, but I had only observed the outside surfaces to date; but I will inspect both inside and out next week with a flashlight and fingertouch. They have successfully held their inflation. They probably have at least half their treadlife remaining.

I would think they would be ok.