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Old renault clio noise issue


When I start the car, after a few seconds starts a high frequency noise. The noise is located in middle right low part of the car.
Here is the recording of the sound:

The noise gets stronger after 14 sec of the video- when i get closer with recorder,…

And the image of the possible location:

The image is near fuel tank, but doubt it has to do with the sound.

Thank you

The quality of that recording is…not good…but, based on what I can hear, as well as your statement that the noise is coming from the area of the fuel tank, I think that the noise is likely coming from a failing electric fuel pump. I would suggest checking the fuel pump now, before it fails and winds up stranding you, and before you need to spend extra money to have the car towed to a mechanic’s shop.

+1 to VDC’s post.

As regards getting a new pump on order ASAP, that’s a good idea, because you face the additional challenge of actually finding one… and then waiting for it to get shipped from France. :smile:
Sincere best of luck with this.