I have a 96 Oldsmobile Ciera SL that I acquried through an Estate sale. The car has 70k miles on it and runs great. Just one problem, when it is cold and I start it, it sounds like it is choking. After I put it in reverse or drive it stops doing it and is fine until I start it when it is cold again. Does anyone know what this could be and what steps to take to fixing it?

Since you probably don’t know this vehicle’s maintenance record, I would suggest that you first have your mechanic bring it up to date with all of the maintenance procedures that are appropriate for its odometer mileage and its age–as specified in the Owner’s Manual. There is a good chance that just giving it necessary maintenance will resolve the current problem.

Until all required maintenance is brought up to date, you will probably wind up just “throwing parts” at it randomly until this problem is resolved.

Thanks, I will do that.