Old gasoline

I have a tank of gas in a car waiting for restoration for at least ten years. How do I safely get rid of all that gas?

Ten year old gas might be a risk to even burn in your lawn mower, snow blower, etc. If it was just a year or two, you’d probably be safe disposing of it that way. But since it is 10 years old, and undoubtly turned into some type of varnish, you want to get all of it out the tank and call your local environmental waste office, or the local dump, who can get you that info. They might have a public disposal site, or at least can refer you to somewhere that will take it. BTW - since you’re asking the question, you obviously know that it is not acceptable to drive out in the country and pour it on the ground somewhere.

The next time you are burning some brush or leaves use it up…

While some will have a different opinion, I would just add maybe a pint or less at each fill up until it is gone.

Here is what NOT to do with it…

Pour it down a storm drain.
Flush it down a toilet
Dump it on the ground in a vacant lot
Dump it in the gutter
Dig a hole with a post-hole digger, pout it in, cover it up and call it done
Pretend it’s used motor oil and dump it in THAT tank…

Ten year old gasoline is probably dark orange or brown in color and will smell like old paint thinner. Do NOT try to burn it, even diluted, in any engine. A big bonfire would be fine, in some area where you could get away with that…

You failed to add “don’t drink it”, otherwise it is a fairly complete list.