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Old Fixer-upper Honda Accord Issues

I have an old Honda Accord Sedan 5 speed manual, with a Non-VTec F22B2, its a 95 with around 213,000 Miles on it. I’ve been Having many issues with it but I continue to fix and improve upon it. The issues I’m having with the car at the moment is that both my headlights and highbeams stay on at the same time whenever only my head lights are on. When I do turn my high beams on only one side (Passenger side) comes on. Also, my Fuel pump doesn’t have any priming sound at all. It is a relatively new fuel pump I had installed around late april 2018. The car turns over but takes an extened amount of time to crank. I have to give it gas sometimes just for it to actually completely crank. My Questions are what could be causing these issues, and what are some fixes for them?

I have owned several of the 94-97 Accords… They are very good vehicles. In my last Accord, I installed an LSD 5 speed with the H22 Red Top from the JDM Prelude… I still miss that car.

High beam issue is probably your switch on the steering column, it controls the high low beams.

The fuel pump not priming is almost always the Main Fuel Injection Relay…