Old executive

anyone have an instrument panel for an old executive out there, may be the same as a belvedere. apparently they are not easy to find.

I don t even remember the year right now, but I posted anyway, what a maroon…

anyway, I ll find out if there is even a glimmer of hope.

Not easy to find. Most big car models were crushed and sold for scrap years ago. BTW…the Belvedere was made by Plymouth.

The Belvedere was the mid-priced Plymouth, and I really doubt if any Plymouth parts would fit a Pontiac.

Is it possible that you are referring to a Bonneville?
The Pontiac Executive–which was the new name for the old Pontiac Star Chief–was essentially a Bonneville w/o all of the bells & whistles.

For those who may have some old Bonneville parts lying around, the Executive model dates from the late '60s.

Brandywine Auto Parts is on the other Sid elf the Bay Bridgenear Upper Marlboro. Check out their web site.


thanks all. I may be able to land one that runs and drives, for cheap

Wes - it’s a Pontiac Executive, right?

yeah. tex. i think so.

Wes, check out www.car-part.com . You will need the exact year, make, and model for your search for an instrument cluster.

well, I don t actually want to find the cluster yet, then I would feel obligated to tell my buddy about it and may not land the car … :slight_smile: