Old Car Problems


I was able to reach them over the phone and ask for it to be re-delivered. Took quite some time on hold although…

I rarely have anything shipped UPS, but I just had a good experience with them.
UPS delivered my treadmill, a 74lb package. I asked the guy if he’d put it in my dining room for me and he chuckled and said “sure… but don’t tell anybody.” He was a really nice guy, and I realize they aren’t supposed to deliver beyond the door.

That doesn’t change my suggestion to the poster with the driveby delivery man. But I thought the guy that delivered to me deserved a kudos.

I’ve had mostly positive experiences with UPS delivery. The few times I had problems, the problem most likely originated with the vendor . . . but I can’t confirm it

Fedex has been a little more problematic, though, at least for me

Actually, in my experience, FedEx is far, far worse. By contrast with my mostly negative experiences with FedEx, I had always been a UPS booster. Now, I may have to re-evaluate that position.

Incidentally, I heard a rumor that FedEx and UPS are going to merge, and that the new corporate name will be Fed-Up.


Took my car to get an estimate of painting it. He told me it wasn’t worth the money to fix it. I taped the mirror and it’s OK for now. I’m going to start a new thread about the buying process. I really appreciate your help!

Best of luck.

No need to , there are hundreds of thread on here asking how to do that. And there are plenty of articles of the web with good info.

That decision should be up to the owner. Most people would choose not to spend $1000 to $2000 on repainting an 18 year old vehicle.

I drive an 18 year old car with peeling clear coat and if I decide to keep the car another 5 years and have the car repainted I will do so without approval from others.

If managing repair costs is an issue, selecting a newer car may be a better choice than repainting the old one.

I really appreciate your help