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2009 BMW 528 mirror replacement


My drivers side mirror started to discolor and so I brought it to a repair shop. They ordered a used part and installed it and it is yellow. The cost for the repair was 256.22. When I called them they told me that I would have to get a new mirror and the cost would be $567.13, they would give me a credit for the yellow mirror for $135.00. They were not willing to look for another used mirror. I do not want to spend that much money on a 2009 BMW. The vin # is Vin # WBANV13579C154931. I had gone to Safelite but they wanted me to order the window through, I did not know which window to order. Your help and comments would be appreciated

You can take it apart and replace just the glass. Its a lot cheaper.

Your window and mirror are separate issues and you haven’t told us much about your window. I drive an old car too and I get not wanting to spend a lot. Go to an auto parts store, buy a can of spray paint that matches your other mirror (they have guides to help you choose), and repaint the mirror. It won’t be perfect but it should look okay from a reasonable distance.,2009,528i,3.0l+l6,1443170,body,outside+mirror+glass,6484