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Cost of window repair



My sister’s son is looking at a 2010 BMW 3 series that has a cracked windshield right under the rearview mirror. It’s only about the size of the end of a pinkie (he has small hands). My sister asked a BMW dealer in Philly and they said it would cost $1,800 and require a full replacement. Her son talked to a BMW dealer in DC said it would only cost $300. Quite the disparity. What’s a reasonable price for this?

Note it’s leased so it supposedly has to be fixed at a dealer.


- Ozzy

You don’t need a BMW dealer for a new windshield. Call any local auto glass replacement company for an estimate. I had a windshield replaced last year and it was only about $300.

Some places can repair small stone chips. Check this before you replace the windshield.

I would not ask any questions (and I hope you have not told the Dealer that gets the leased car back about the windshield replacement) and jump on that 300.00 deal in a second.

I broke a windshield in a 7 series once in this exact same spot, it happens when you hit the mirror too hard.

Replace the windshield for $300 and drive on. You will be glad you did.

Check with your insurance company first. Mine has replaced three windscreens over about 30 years and I have yet to pay for one. They come out replace the window and that’s it.

You have one addition issue and that is the leasing part.  Time to get that lease agreement out and see what it says.  You may find that leasing can come back to bite you.  Hopefully you will not have a problem.

 So check with your insurance company and read the lease agreement before going ahead.

I get the impression that your sister’s sone is intending to lease this BMW? If so, part of the lease deal should be that the dealer replace the windshield. If the dealer balks, lease a BMW from another dealer.

If your sister’s son has already leased the vehicle and the windshield cracked, the comprehensive insurance should take care of this.