How many quarts of oil does a 1997 Mercury Cougar XR7, 4.6 liter engine hold???

It should hold about 6 quarts with a filter change.

Buy six quarts, drain the old oil, put on the new filter, put in five quarts, start it, check for leaks while it’s running, shut it off, let it sit for five minutes, check the dipstick. If it needs the entire sixth quart I’ll be surprised. With a 4.6L, you’ll probably need the extra quart before your next change, if you don’t need it up front.

A 97 4.6 should hold 5 quarts. My 95 Cougar XR7 (w/ 4.6) holds 5 quarts with filter change. I’ll have to add about 1.5 quarts over a 5000 mile interval oil change.

I think it was closer to 2000 when Ford moved some of the 4.6’s over to 6 quarts.