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1999 Corolla Oil Capacity

I changed the oil yesterday in my 1999 Corolla. The manual says the capacity is 3.9 quarts. I wasn’t paying attention and put in 4. Do I need to drain the difference? Is there any way to do this besides jacking it up again? Any suggestions on an easy way to get it right the first time?

trivial amount…don’t worry about it.

The extra .1 quart will do nothing harmful. But presumably you have actually used the dipstick to check the oil level after changing it? You MUST do that. Does it look to be overfull? Probably not.

Functionally speaking, 3.9 quarts is the same as 4.0 quarts.

No harm done. No need to drain the extra.

If this were my car I’d pour four quarts of oil into the engine each time I changed the oil.

Make it easy on yourself.

If you want to get really picky, there’s probably a little bit of oil left in each quart bottle after you pour it into the engine.

Pour all 4 quarts into the engine, it’s better than throwing away that small amount.

What is the oil level on the dipstick?

The oil capacity on my wife’s 98 Windstar was 4.5 qts. The mechanic added 5 qts. at each oil change. Never caused any problems in the 8 years she had it. 0.1 qts wont make any difference.