I just got my daughter a 2007 Ford Focus with 48000 miles and am getting ready to change the oil. Any suggestions on reg. or synthetic type or weight. Mostly in town driving. Thanks

Weight, 5w20
Ford filled with, and sells Motorcraft synthetic blend.
Keep the weight right and buy what you like.

Buy the grade and type of oil recommended in the owner’s manual. Unless the manual specifies synthetic you don’t need it. Any brand of oil, even the store brands, will do.

Check your owners manual???

If the manual doesn’t specify synthetic then us reg.

Check the manual. The guys who wrote that know your specific requirements better than anyone on the internet.

I keep my newest Ford running with Motorcraft filter and Motorcraft 5W20 oil, purchased at Walmart. Comes in a large jug, which beats a bunch of small bottles, for me. The oil is a synthetic blend good for the recommended oil change interval, easily obtainable, and the combination is hard to beat at retail.

The owner’s manual most likely calls for an oil meeting a specific Ford spec. Mine did for my 2000 Ford Explorer. A quick on-line search will find most major brands of oil will meet that spec. So, it is pretty much useless as a guide.

I’ve yet to find a brand (name brand or off brand) that DOESN’T meet ALL manufacturers specs.

Thanks for all your suggestions…who reads the owners manual, anyway, It’s written by Chinese in inglitch…!

Any brand. I wouldn’t waste sythetic on a Focus. She might be driving something else in four years or less.

I agree with the Motorcraft/Motorcraft advice, especially for filter although all Motorcraft filters are not available all the time at the mentioned store. The filters are great quality and very reasonably priced. Stock up if you see them. The oil is almost certainly a synthetic blend or something like that. I believe Ford has specified it for their engines for over a decade.