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Is it necessary to use synthetic oil or can I use either a blended oil or straight motor oil as I’ve used for 40 years? My wifes car is a 2008 Ford Fusion & I have a 2009 Ranger! Her car manual says to use synthetic, but mine just says 5-20 oil & does not specify! I would rather use oil that I’ve been used too but don’t want to cause a problem!

Use what the manual recommends, synthetic for hers and dino (or blend) for yours.

Some manufacturers recommend synthetic for some applications because the engine subjects the oil to higher stresses, such as is the case for turbochargers for example.

If the vehicles are still under warranty, I would use the 5W20 synthetic to ensure low engine wear. After the warranty expires, I would use a 5W30 synthetic or a 0W30 synthetic (depending on climate) if you want to keep the vehicles for a very long time. The extra expense over the lifetime of the vehicle (about $1100) will ensure your car will expire with an intact engine.

Residing in Pennsylvania where the weather is variable ( 4 seasons)

If the manual says to use synthetic…then use synthetic. If not, then use what ever you want.

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Yeh - That’s where I bought for the first oil change - will probably do same from now on!Car ( Fusion) only has 15,000 miles on it - Ranger has 1000!

FYI My Car’s Manufacturer Recommends Full Synthetic For Use At Temps Below Zero F. We’ve Got That In Spades!

If it gets really cold in Pennsylvania, and I’m thinking it does, your car will thank you for it on really cold starts.