Motor Oil Suggestion

Brother wants to start changing his own oil and is looking for suggestions as to weight and synthetic or regular. 2002, 3.0, 6 cylinder Ford Ranger Super Cab

The oil cap usually reflects the weight of oil to use.


The owners manual reflects the type of oil to use.


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Why doesn’t he want to use the same type of oil that the vehicle manufacturer specifies?
That might be imprinted on the oil fill cap, but it is definitely noted in the Owner’s Manual.

Regular is fine, synthetic is fine, regular changes for each with a new filter each change.

Use what the manufacturer recommends, google it if he doesn’t have an owners manual or it isn’t on the cap.

5W-20 or 5W-30 would work just fine for this engine, Can be synthetic but doesn’t have to be.

The Owners manual specifies 5W-20 synthetic blend for the 3.0

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Filippo Berio extra virgin.