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how much oil dose my 1987 c10 chevy pickup take it has a fuel injected 350 in it.

Probably the neighborhood of 5 quarts. Just add 3 and start checking the dipstick and add quarts until you’re full.

Pour 4 quarts into the engine, start it, let it run for 30 seconds, shut it off and wait for things to settle down. Check the dipstick. Add oil if necessary.

If you have an owner’s manual it will tell you how much oil the engine should have.

My '95 Suburban took 4 1/2 quarts with a filter. If yours has the larger filter, it might be 5 with a filter. Like McP said, put in 4, run, shut off, and check.

5 quarts was common in '87. And oil could only be bought in 1 qt cans.

Now 4 quarts is common. And we can buy oil in 5 quart jugs.

Go figure.