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2002 Chevy Suburban Oil Leak

Yep, it’s got an oil leak. I just put 2Q in a few days ago, now it says to add more oil.

First of all, how do I tell where the leak is coming from?

2nd of all, we want to make a 300-mile trip in a couple days, and I don’t really have time to get it fixed. Can I just add a bunch of oil and get it fixed (or fix it myself) when I get to my destination?

When looking for an oil leak I use dye and run the engine while using an ultraviolet light. That way accurracy is much higher. There are parts atores that will loan you tools. I don’t know if they’ll have a UV light. A blacklight in the dark could work too. I can’t really tell you if it’ll be okay to take a 300 mile trip since I don’t know how much you’re using. But I suppose if you kept it full of oil, the only problem will be all the oil that was slung out between point A and B. If you have the 4.8, 5.3, 6.0 liter engine and it appears to be the rear main seal, It’s Actually the piece that holds the seal where it seals to the block. It’s an issue with porous metals.

What says to add more oil? There is no oil level indicator - unless you mean the dipstick. So is it the dipstick that says to add more? If you’re talking about the oil light on the dash then you may have much bigger problems.

The way to find an oil leak is to look. That’s about it. Or you may be burning it. How many miles are on it? Check your PCV valve & hose for any blockage.

As for driving in, you apparently went through a couple of quarts in a “few days” - but how many miles was that? You might be able to drive it 300 miles - you just have to stop a lot to check the oil. Do not overfill it.

Common sense brother. Oil washes…look for the leak. use your eyes…Trace it…Washes meaning it will be clean where its coming from. How many miles did it take to leak 2 quarts?

My feeling from working on these and seeing where a lot of oil can leak from is the oil filter/cooler line adapter area. The adapter, the cooler line seals, and the cooler lines themselves can leak (and do leak). Make sure you give the oil sending unit a look over as these can leak a lot also and are pretty easy to replace (with the right socket if I remember correctly).

Buy some Castrol Super Clean and degrease your engine…Go to one of those do it yourself car washes with the high pressure wand…and degrease there…lol. Wash the engine off and as much as you can under the engine etc… Then look for leaks at home…use clean dry cardboard and look for leaks… pretty simple really unless you dont see any obvious leaks currently…if you dont…then it could be burning it… Its easy to figure out tho…