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Oil wont come out of plug but filter

I have a 2013 nissan Altima sv 4 cyl. For the past 2 times I did a oil change it would not come out of the oil plug but if I take off the filter (and rev) the car it pours out. Nothing seems to be obstructing the oilpan plug hole and I have even done 2 oil flush’s. What am I missing?

First of all…NEVER start your engine, let alone rev it, when you’re changing the oil. Just don’t.

Are you 100% sure you’re removing the correct oil drain plug on the bottom of the engine? When you’re under the car, in the dark, sometimes you see plugs that look similar.


I did not want to but the bottle said you cant drive with that oil flush bottle still in there. But 100% no. I did buy a magnetic oil pan bolt for that car which fits there oil also dribbles out of their, & the YouTube and Google pics show that to be the bolt.


That bears repeating!

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You probably wouldn’t drain the transmission by accident, or at least you would notice it when the car wouldn’t move unless you have a manual transmission. You may have a separate differential drain though and you could drive around with the gear oil drained out from it, but in short order, you should start hearing a whining sound.

IIRC, your balance shafts are under the crankshaft of this engine and there is a separate baffle or windage tray to keep oil from splashing up or being splashed around by the balance shafts. Possibly it came loose and is sitting on top of the drain plug hole. You should feel it of you poke a screw driver up into the hole.

I stuck a screwdriver into their I felt nothing

The knowledge that tells you Not to run the engine with the oil filter off to drain the oil.


I think that this may constitute atrocious assault in many states.

Good thing I’m not American then lol. But seriously what could be causing this if I dont feel a blockage?

I think it ranks up there with sticking an ice pick in someone's ear!
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I’m sorry? What’s that mean. I need a real answer

Do you have the oil FILL cap removed when trying to drain ?

Just wondering if no air in from the top, no oil out the bottom.

Yes I did have the cap off even filter off for airflow

Then the only thing I can think of is, There is so much sludge in the bottom of the pan that it’s blocking the hole.


Is that possible even if I did a oil change 4 months ago? And both times did a oil flush bottle? (Though both times the oil did come out the filter) I dont feel sludge or have anything on my screwdriver when I put it in there

Are you using the dipstick and checking the oil level before you drain it, maybe you have no oil in it to drain.

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Yes I check it. And once i did what people keep insulting me over i get oil pouring out.

Is the car sitting flat and level ? or do you have one side or end lifted up to get under it ?

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It was on a stand at first but I took it down later to try it that way also with no luck

Watch the classic film “Murder Inc.” starring Peter Falk. That will explain it.

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