Oil warning light on when breaking


A friend of mine recently had the oil on her car 1993 Ford Taurus changed. Immediately after the oil light comes on when applying the break to stop the car. The light goes off when accelerating and during normal driving.

What could the cause of this be?


Has anyone checked the oil level?


I agree that the oil level is likely very low, and if that is the case, the oil change place in question needs to make good on their mistake.

Hopefully, the oil level was not so low that engine damage has resulted–but you should have this evaluated by a mechanic–not by the people who changed her oil. Be sure that everything is documented in case she does need a new engine!

You or she should check the oil immediately, and if there is nothing showing on the dipstick–do not drive the car. Instead phone the oil change place and tell them that it is their responsibility to either come to her house to add sufficient oil or to tow the car to their place of business. However, I suggest that you avoid towing unless it is unavoidable, as they may employ a towing service that is as bad as their oil-changing abilities are.

And, after this is resolved–do not return to that place, which I assume was a “Quicky Lube”.


Yes, first thing we did is check the oil level and it is good, perhaps a touch high, but nothing to worry about. Change was performed at a trustworthy (whatever that means) garage.