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Oil Light comes on when stoped

I have a 2011 Ford Fiesta with a little over 90k

Last week I jad just gotten gas, i was about to turn out of the gas station when I stepped on the gas the car moved forward slightly before the oil light popped on and the engine seemingly shut off. I put the car in park, turn the engine off and started it up. It turned on just fine and drove like normal as I headed home, first thing the next morning I went to get my oil changed as I was overdue. I was definitely low and my oil(5w30) was changed.

The problem did not repeat itself until 4 days later while out running errands. It happened again twice today…once while again turning out of a parking lot and also while about to turn at a light.

any idwas

It’s more than likely either a faulty oil pressure sending unit or major engine wear problems involving the crankshaft bearings. Pray that it’s the former.

You could run an oil pressure test or replace the sender. The sender is cheap and easy. If the oil light still comes on after that then you are likely facing bad news.

Reading between the lines I assume oil changes are not that regular and that you do not check the oil level between changes. That can lead to oil sludging and premature engine wear.

Another idea, if the engine is running poorly this could happen. The engine is stalling, and shuts off. That by itself will turn the oil light and assorted dash lights on. That just means the bulbs are working, not the oil pressure is bad. Since the engine is already stopped, there’s not supposed to be any oil pressure. Does the check engine light turn on as well?

U know they do sell oil at gas stations? U buy gas every week but won’t buy 1 qt of oil?

I was definitely low and my oil(5w30) was changed.

How low?