Oil vs windows

When my oil is approximately one quart low my windows and my button that locks the doors starts to intermittently act up. window goes down but wont go up. but if i keep trying it eventually works etc. As soon as i put oil in her everything works perfectly again. Why oh why does this happen? One has nothing to do with the other does it??

If your question is actually a serious one, then I will provide you with the obvious answer:
The functioning of the power window controls has nothing whatsoever to do with the level of oil in the engine’s crankcase.

i beg to differ. this is not a joke and is very true. i just put a quart in this morning and my windows and lock button are functioning perfectly once again. this has happened to me a few years back and someone told me to check my oil. i did and it was extremely low. at that point the windows were not functioning at all. went through a lot of electrical checks. once i put oil in everything went back to normal.

Well, then I guess that the obvious solution is to never allow your oil level to get so low that it impairs the functioning of your power windows!

Personally, I check my oil every few weeks, and if I see that the level has fallen by as much as 1/3 of a qt., then I replenish it with that amount of oil.

This is pure coincidence. Your windows and power door locks have no way of having any idea how low your oil is. The systems are totally, absolutely, 100% unrelated.

You know, if you’d give us the year, make, model, and mileage of the vehicle we might be able to offer a suggestion. As it is, we have absolutely zero knowledge about the car with which to work.

On the off chance they are somehow related, please supply more info.

In addition to the question TSM asked above,
Is it the lock button OR the window crank buttons OR both that misbehave?
When the oil is low and the windows misbehave are there any other electrical symptoms? Any lights on the dash? Does the engine sound and behave normally?

2008 Dodge Charger, 6 cylinder, 93000 miles. The first time it happened was a few years back and yes as i recall other engine lights were coming on randomly depending on if you turned the car on or turned it off and then back on. The engine sounded normal. This is not in my head and cannot be pure coincidence. One has something to do with the other. by the way, i have noticed that the low oil light never comes on. When this happened a few years ago the engine oil was extremely low, way more than a quart. it actually damaged my valves and was repaired. any ideas as to this anomaly?

I can think of no link between the 2, except for some crazy programming/defect in the electricals. There is no reason this should happen. That it does means there’s something really odd going on.

My guess is that slamming your hood after adding oil is helping with a loose electrical contact of some sort. From your last comment about engine damage, it sounds like you don’t normally check your oil as you should, meaning that your hood rarely gets slammed at any other time.

lion9car has hit on a very possible connection…

As Tom and Ray used to say, Doesn’t anybody screen the calls (posts).