1998 Cadillac Eld



I just had an oil change and a window motor replaced. The next day the car indicated I need oil. I added 1.5 qts. Now, a week later the oil light came on again. Also, my window will not roll up! Is there away I can check to see if a new window motor was installed and what could be the problem with the oil. I’ve never had an oil problem before the oil change.


I trust you checked the dipstick to confirm you were low on oil before adding any. How many miles have you driven between these 2 incidents ? If it’s a small mileage you’re either leaking it or burning it. For leaks check the drain plug and filter first since these were the 2 items that were disturbed.

As far as the window lift motor is concerned, you can check but you’ll need to remove the door interior panel and inspect it.


I agree with Scudder. Did you check the oil level or were you just looking at the light and assuming it was indicating low oil? Oil lights can indicate other things and too much oil is very bad.

As for the window, take it back at once. You don’t need to check what is wrong, they were suppose to fix it and it is not fixed. Don’t delay or try to figure out what is wrong, let the pros do that part. You already know it does not work. They won’t pay any attention to what you tell them about it, other than it does not work, anyway.