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Oil synthetic or standard

I have a 2005 Explorer Sportrac. Been changing my own oil since it was new. 59,000 miles later I noticed the manual called for synthetic oil!! I’ve been using regular!! What kind of damage can I expect? If any. Thanks.

If you are lucky, none, just start using the synthetic as designated by the manual. Personally I am surprised it requires it. The engine is used in a lot of Ford vehicles (I think), so this would be very commonly known.

My Ford call for a synthetic blend - does yours? I doubt there’s damage, just switch to the Motorcraft blend, you can get it at Walmart.

If there were damage you’d know it. Damage would come in the form of sludge buildup or failure of the oil due to breakdown, and you’d know if you had either.

Switch to synthetic and sleep well. You’re fine.

Well at least you did finally get to read the manual.

If you used the 10,000 mile oil change interval, you have likely caused some wear, but maybe not too much. If you did 3,000 mile oil changes, likely there was little of no damage. In either case I would not expect serious problems.

Switch to synthetic and be happy.

I just have to wonder about all the other maintenance you missed in the last 5 years. I mean the manual is there for a reason isn’t it.