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Engine sludge

My engine (01 Dodge 4.7 V8 75K miles) runs fine right now, but I’ve heard that it is prone to developing sludge problems. Other than changing the oil often and using synthetic oil, is there some kind of engine clean or flush procedure that I should invest in to prevent sludge buildup?

No, just change your oil on a regular basis, when due. Don’t forget the oil change interval is adjusted for low milage, or harsh driving conditions.

The use of a good synthetic oil and never extending the oil change interval, should take care of the problem.  It also helps to make sure the car gets up to full operating temperature from time to time.  Take it out on a highway trip from time to time.

Hopefully you won’t need to use a cleaner but if you do I recommend you use AutoRx.

The synthetic oil should be enough. Castrol, Texaco Havoline, Valvoline normal oils would be better than Pennzoil or Quaker State are rumored to be.

Change the engine oil(spec’d) according to severe service schedule that is all. I bet you most engines with sludge are stretched oil changes to normal interval and the engine is just a bit more prone to sludge. Synthetic may help but likely is not necessary with frequent oil changes.

Sludge remover should only be used if you have sludge. As long as you change your oil on time it should not be necessary.

As you can see, we have the normal disagreements here. Not sure where the truth lies, some say normal oil is OK, as long as you keep up with the oil change intervals specified (incl time and heavy use intervals). Others say synthetic oil is recommended/required.

Bottom line IMHO, if you are conservative and don’t want to take any chances, use synthetic, otherwise, ordinary oil. Do make sure the oil you use meets manufacturer’s specs.

I’d use synthetic. Personally I’d recommend Mobil 1. One of the first and about the best synthetic you can buy. A ‘pure’ synthetic unlike some others in this class. Anyway, I’ve never had any trouble with it in my 94’ LHS–about 240,000 miles now.

I wouldn’t recommend that.