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Oil Pressure Light

While I’m driving, periodically the oil pressure light will come ‘on’ and the car will come to a stop. It will then srart up and all will be OK for a few days…then it will happend again. I’ve had the oil changed and checked out by my mecanic. he can’t find out what causing it…I only have 79,000 miles on the car (1999)

Under shat conditions does it stall? Idling?

The problem might be with the oil pressure sending unit.

The reason why the engine stalls out when the oil light comes on is because this is GM’s safety feature to shut the fuel pump off in the event of an accident. Ford uses an inertia switch, GM uses the oil pressure sending unit signal.


NO…it starts up right away…

I had a 98 Olds Intrigue with this system with aluminum wheels and wide, low aspect tires. I got rid of it because when I engaged in spirited driving and plastered all the oil against one side of the oil pan it would shut off the engine (and thence the power steering) in the middle of the turn!

Now that had to be intriguing! Sorry, couldn’t help myself.