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Oil pan on vw beetle

Well working on my first project father in-law has a 2000 vw beetle had a whole in the oil pan just took it off and well he got the wrong one so he is going to order the one he needs and than the fun part begin’s ok now was wondering if anyone did one because there is 4 bolts by the transmission in order to drop the oil pan and man was that a s.o.b got my socket and wobble stuck in the grooves so what tool can I get because when I put it on I have to torque them down and the way I got them out was with a hex socket so any advice

This is not twitter and you are allowed to use punctuation and paragraphs. Please do so as to make your posts easier to read.

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Seems easy for me just read how it is said this is how I write didn’t go to school to be a writer

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What ever I’m just being real it’s how I write sorry if it’s a pain

Aw, @VOLVO_V70 and @sgtrock21, I think smc85 showed in the other thread he wants to learn how to work on cars himself. He’s been anything but a smart aleck.

smc85 also said they want out of their present job so a willingness to present their selves as well as possible might be a good idea.

I didn’t say I want out of welding and if it sounds like sorry I want to add on to my skills of welding look I didn’t come here to start drama I came here to learn that’s all so sorry to everyone reading all this crap but I’m not changing the way I write my grammar sucks there so you know I’m just here to learn

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Welding is my passion I just want to add more skills to it that’s all

Now, all you have to do is find someone who reads like you write, to help you with your problem.

Sure thing thank you for you’re input

You didn’t state which engine the vehicle has but at a glance there appears to be plenty of room for 1/4" drive tools.

Well it fits a 10mm engine 2.0

Buy a long 1/4" extension and 1/4" swivel or universal joint sockets. This should be sufficient to remove or install these small bolts.

When I used a 1/4in socket on it striped my socket

Sounds like terrible quality. One row of Snap-On 1/4" drive sockets can cost $300 but you don’t need that for home use. I have a Craftsmen 1/4" drive universal set that I used many times to remove camshaft cap bolts that were tightened to 15 and 22 Ft/lbs.

I’d snug them down by hand and be done with it. Torque isn’t going to mean much when you’re dealing with wobble sockets, universal joints, and long extensions anyway.

Well got the tools on OfferUp on the phone app but everything is off so I’m happy took some time but I’m no pro

So could I get away without using a torque wrench

I’m not understanding stripping the 1/4" socket. If the socket is the right size for the bolt and gets stripped, head on down to Ace and get a decent socket. But if there is no room for a socket, why not just use a box wrench. I can’t believe you need that much torque on an oil pan. If none of that works, sometimes you get the grinder and welder out and make your own.

Well I used a hex on it it worked