Oil overfill question


my car takes 4.5 quarts of oil for a oil/filter change.

Is there any harm with putting in 5 quarts,or better to put in 4 quarts?


It’s better to put in 4.5 quarts.


Exactly Craig. Oil bottles have a screw on lid making it easy to store the other half quart for top offs.
Goodness, most of us geezers remember the old cardboard round cans you had to open with a can opener!

A four and a half quart sump is pretty limited so there’s not a very large margin for running a low oil level.

It is ALWAYS best to follow the manufactures ( and engineers) recommendations. They are after all the ones who designed the engine…



Why can’t you just put in 1/2 a quart in the last bottle? Adding the last half may not do any harm, but could cause oil foaming if it causes the oil level to reach the crankshaft. That could be a disaster.