Engine motor light on

I have 2001 Sebring LX, 6 cylinders 2.7 engine. It has 93,000 miles. Recently, after I drive the car fo 20+ miles, everytime I stop at a traffic light or stop sign the engine motor oil light appears but it disappears once the car starts moving. I always check the oil level before driving the car and I have never added any oilbetween oil changes. I plan to drive this comfortable car for long distance, is it safe?

Have it checked out. The warning is saying the oil pressure is low. It could just a faulty sending unit. Worse case scenario is a bad oil pump. Get it checked out before it’s too late.

I hope it is something minor. Maybe it’s just a sender or something.

Have it checked out. See below for things to look for.

I don’t want to needlessly worry you, but beware Chrysler made a bunch of 2.7L engines that owners say developed excessive oil sludge. Others complained about problems stemming from premature failure of timing chain/chain guides. Many owners contributed these faults to the early death of their beloved 2.7.

I have one and keep my fingers crossed. It is actually difficult to find a used engine in a slavage yard, because word on the street is that that’s why the cars are there… engines bad.

Search the internet and see what I’m talking about.
Good Luck!

Yes, it’s safe. However you need to have the actual oil pressure at idle checked while hot. This is accomlished with a seperate remote gage of known accuracy.

Sludging can plug up the oil passages and make it difficult for the pump to maintain pressure throughout the system, however prematurely worn bearings can also cause low pressure at idle. The pressure is maintained by the pump forcing the oil through tight spaces between the wear surfaces. If the surfaces have worn such that the spaces are too large, the pump can have difficulty maintaining the pressure, sort of like trying to keep a balloon inflated that has a pinhole.

The first step is to get the actual pressure checked. Post back with how you make out.

I would have it checked before that long drive. they can put a manual gauge on it and that will say a lot.