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Oil light blinks with a beep

2006 model us spec jeep Cherokee. Morning while starting it’s oil light blinked for 2 or 3 times with a beep . Between beep it took almost 30 sec . Then all back to normal. This happened for 2 days . Anything to worry. Please note I added fuel injection cleaner with fuel just before the this trouble

Have you checked your oil level?
It sounds like the oil level might be “on the cusp”.

Fluids gain in volume when agitated, and it could be that the engine’s vibration is enough to cause the oil level to get just high enough to enable the tube through which the pump draws oil to be submersed just below the surface of the pool. As long as it can draw oil, you’ll have pressure. Then, when the engine oil settles and the pool’s surface drops, the surface of the oil pool may be a bit too low for the pickup tube to reach.

Check the oil level and post back.

Unlikely to be related to the fuel injector cleaner. If it is related to something you poured into the fuel tank, the most likely reason for it to affect the oil pressure system is a problem w/the pcv system. So – besides the good idea above – next time it is in the shop ask them to check that system is operating correctly.

Good point George. Adding FI cleaner has no relationship to an oil pressure light. Even the PCV point would be a stretch.


Thank you guys , is it OK to top up the oil or need to go for full oil change. As I am nearing 10K service is due in next 2000km

It’s always OK to top up the oil if the level is low. More than OK, it’s highly recommended.

And it’s always OK to change the oil early, 10k miles? that is a bit long. 10k km? (10 Mm) that is a reasonable interval.

Don’t wait for the oil change interval to check the oil level, you should make a point of checking it more frequently, perhaps monthly.

+1 to all Bill’s comments.