Oil leaks

Recently a man called in because his car was leaking oil. He had 70,000 on the car, no oil on ground, no smoke out the exhaust. You told him his oil pressure center or oil switch was leaking; since it’s only operational when car is running, no oil would leak when engine was not on.

I have similar problem, only my 2000 Subaru Outback wagon has 108,500 on it. I have no oil on ground or smoke, yet I have to add 1-2 quarts of oil about once a month, which averages to about 500-700 miles. The mechanic says even if the oil pressure center was leaking, as the oil returned to the crank case, some would drip out and land on ground.

Subaru recommends I take it to one of their “factory trained technicians” so the problem can be correctly diagnosed.

What do you think?

Janet Stoothoff

7 year old car w/108k mi. on it. Just keep adding oil unless an UNBIASED PARTY w/pretty good credentials can demonstrate that this will hurt your car. Don’t have to buy the best oil but look in owners manual under oil or lubricants, etc, and make sure your oil meets standards in manual. Take manual info to where you get your oil and match the info on oil container w/manual info. No manual? Call dealer; get them to tell you specificaions for oil for your car. Keep changing your oil and filter.

In both cases, the engine is probably just burning a little oil. Keep an eye on the level and don’t worry about it. The oil pressure switch leak theory was pretty silly.

if cars runs hotter then should be it can burn up the oil it gets too thin, check temp to make sure try a different oil. if you are using
85 cent oil that what you get buy a good syn . with better heat temp control read the labels

Agree; if evrything else is OK, just add oil (cheap) and keep a close eye on things. Dealers love to restore your car to “like new” or pristine condition. I remember when Jaguar straight 6 engines we designed to burn a quart every 1000 miles.