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Oil leak in 2003 Subaru

I have had a slow, but persisent oil leak since November 2007. The Subaru dealership suggested that at some point in the future the leak would be bad enough to change the head gaskets. I have not reached that point as of today but I have tried the “stop leak products” which of course have not worked. This is a 2003 Subaru Outback wagon base model with close to 113,000 miles.

Anyone have any suggestions other than the possible $1800 repair from the dealer?



Do you have to add oil between changes? If not I’d leave it be. If there’s an unsightly stain on the driveway put a piece of cardboard there to catch it. You might wat to periodically clean the engine if it’s grimy.

How much oil is it leaking in 1,000 miles? Do you know exactly where the leak is?

There are an amazing number of places from which a Subaru engine can leak oil, but head gaskets are not usually one of them.

I’d consult an independent Subaru mechanic about this if the leak is bad.

How many “stop leak products” have you tried? These products are not the best things to be pouring into your engine.

I second the opinion that not every oil leak must be dealt with (a zero tolerance policy) espically to the tune of 1800.00. You also get into the area of how good a job the mechanic does,sometimes it is best to leave things alone and monitor.