Oil Leakage!

Back to my old 96 Dodge Caravan 140 000 miles… I know that I need new gaskets but in the meantime thinking of all those products to avoid leaking… Can they solve partially the problem without damaging the engine more?

With that many miles you are free to do anything you want to do without worrying. Straight weight oil can help. Include one or two cans to the next oil change if the temperature never gets below +30F for more than a couple hours overnight. If you are in a weather zone like that, you can go thicker and hope for the best. 30 weight is a lot thicker than multi-weight oil. I just assumed you were talking about oil leaks. You never said which.

It depends on why the oil is leaking. If it is wear, then heavier oil may help or if seals have hardened then seal softener may help. I suggest you give one of the high mileage oils a try.

Have an '87 Toyota, with 300K more or less…it loses about 1/2 quart every three months…or it did.

Time for an oil change and when I hit the parts store, the Pennzoil high-mileage oil was $1.39 a quart, significantly cheaper than the rest of the name brands, even “regular oil.”

So, bought the high mileage stuff…car quit burning oil…

Always thought those things were a gimmick, but…

Uhmn. I live in Michigan, days and days below feezing… So far I have used Valvolin or Penzoil 10 - 30W… Sometimes during the oil change I add one of those bottles for “Stopping oil leak”… but I don’t really can tell if it works.